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1. International Symposium on Glycovirology

1st International Symposium on Glycovirology, which will be held from May 2 to May 4, 2018 at the monastery in Schöntal, Germany (ISGV 2018 Flyer). This symposium is part of our DFG Research Unit FOR2327 ViroCarb: Glycans controlling non-enveloped virus

Congratulation Henrik – First paper accepted in Glycobiology !!!

Lab News: Our paper “Human Norovirus GII.4 (MI001) P Dimer Binds Fucosylated and Sialylated Carbohydrates” has been accepted for publication in Glycobiology. Published 4th of September 2017. We show that  HuNoV to engage multiple carbohydrates and reveal direct binding of a GII.4

Colloquium: Seminar Special Guest January 23rd 2018: Niklas Arnberg, PhD

Our special guest for the Molecular and Cell Biology Colloquium is Dr. Niklas Arnberg from Umeå University, Department of Clinical Microbiology. On Tuesday January 23rd 2018 Dr. Arnberg  will present „Adenovirus receptors: implications for tropism, treatment and targeting”. Hosted by the department of Virology and

Colloquium: Seminar Special Guest May 9th 2017: Steeve Boulant, PhD

Our special guest for the Molecular and Cell Biology Colloquium is Dr. Steeve Boulant from Heidelberg University, Department of Infectious Diseases & Virology. On Tuesday May 9th 2017 Dr. Boulant  will present „Polarized innate immune response against enteric viruses reveal novel mechanisms of immune tolerance in the

March of Science 2017

On April 22, 2017, people around the world will take to the streets to demonstrate their passion for science and sound the call to support and safeguard the scientific community. The March for Science Hamburg is now officially registered for