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Colloquium: Seminar Special Guest January 23rd 2018: Niklas Arnberg, PhD

Our special guest for the Molecular and Cell Biology Colloquium is Dr. Niklas Arnberg from Umeå University, Department of Clinical Microbiology. On Tuesday January 23rd 2018 Dr. Arnberg  will present „Adenovirus receptors: implications for tropism, treatment and targeting”. Hosted by the department of Virology and

DFG fundes our new research group ViroCarb

The German Research Foundation has funded our new research unit FOR 2327: „VIROCARB – Glycans Controlling Non-Enveloped Virus Infections“), see our press release. The focus of our research unit are the role of complex carbohydrates in non-enveloped virus infections, particularly noroviruses, papillomaviruses, and

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6th International Calicivirus Conference Savannah, GA, US from October 9-13, 2016

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